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China Zhejiang International Economic & Technical Cooperation Co.,Ltd.. was founded in Dec.,1983.Approved by the State Council of P.R.China, CZIETC is a comprehensine company undertaking Chinese government's economic assistant projects to foreign countries and various technical cooperation programmes, contracting for various foreign and dome-stic investment engineering projects, devoting to international labor cooperation and trade.
The company finished the whole reform at the end of 2003, having been one of the member enterprises of Zhejiang Native Produce & Animal By-Products I/E Group Co., Ltd. The company has four function departments including administrative Department, Financial Department, Document & Delivery Department and Legal Wind Control Division(Safety Production Supervision Office)and fourbusiness departments involving import & export trade, foreign economic cooperation. Since the foundation of the company, we have established and developed good cooperation relationship with nearly 70 countries and regions across continents. Our various business such as the economic assistant projects, contracted engineering projects, labor service cooperation, foreign trade etc. have been opened up completely.
With the purpose of “ Credit First ” and the management principle of “ Reform, creation, coordination, communion” , we would like to open up all kinds of economic cooperation with the friends all over the world under the policy of mutual benefit and co-development.
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